Give your kit lens some love!

18-55 kit kensThere seems to be a lot of these around. I was looking at cheap lenses for my canon and came across a couple of second hand lens sites. I had a quick look and found that the first few pages were full of the 18-55 kit lens that every body and his brother seems to have.

I like my 18-55! I learned a lot from it as it was the only lens I had when I bought my Canon.. OK I also had the 50mm 1.8 but I didn’t have a clue what I was doing at the time.

Even though my Canon in a cropped sensor, which means I have to multiply my lens by 1.6 (18-55mm x 1.6 = 29-88mm), I still use it on a regular basis when I need a wide angle shot.

Give you kit lens some love! Whip it out every now and again and use it!!



    1. Ha! pish!

      I did get the f/1.8 50mm as well but I knew I wanted a wide angle so I kept the kit lens.

      Glad that someone is reading the blog and this has been my first comment which was not a spam message.. so kudos for that!


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