Enable raw on a Casio Exilim EX-Z850

Good evening,

While waiting for my back to heal today (or my kidneys) my thoughts turned to the picture of the day. (see post above)

I remembered I wanted to get my Exilim to shoot in raw format rather than the standard jpeg.

I searched my archives and found this:

  • Hold ” UP + Disp” while turn camera on
  • Quickly tab ” Down, Down, Disp, Menu “
  • In secret service menu , select 2 :USB TCC Test then select 1:
  • Quickly tab ” Right, Right, Set ” this will activate more menu
  • Select 7: Image Test ,Then select 1: Bayer Mode
  • Set it ON by press Left or Right then press Menu until back to normal screen

Raw shooting is now available , the  camera will save two files, jpg and raw.

The camera will show the service menu every time you turn camera on, but Raw mode will turn off every time ,you have to remember set it again.

You can stop service menu by select 2: USB TCC Test then select 2: and guickly tab ” Right, Right, Set ” and press menu till you return to the normal screen.

However, Adobe Lightroom cannot open this form of Raw file as I needed something else. Enter left Able Rawer.

Ignore the reviewers comments about this program. I use it for one purpose only so I’m not worried about the interface at all. It converts your Raw files from the Exilim to TIFF which I can then use in Lightroom.



    1. Well yes but the point of this is that I do not always have my massive Canon camera with me so I carry the Exilim with me for little photos.

      It was also to see how much more I could do with a small point and shoot, now that I know what I am doing.


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