Splashy Splashy!

Easter break… what shall I do? Look in the cupboards.

I find peppercorns and a roasting tray. Hmm OK. Lets put some water in it and drop a few peppercorns in it.

I set up with my Canon and the flash off to the left and high up pointing down towards the tray, the 50mm set at f4.0 for a longer depth of field at close up range.

I put a peppercorn against the the cupboard door above the roasting tin, dropped it and focused on the center of the splash with the tip of a pencil. Then I switched off the auto focus as every other shot will have the peppercorn dropped in the same place.

First shot, flash didn’t fire.. ahh OK yeah I need the battery in the remote connector. With the flash working I started to drop peppercorns and fire the camera with the remote shutter cable.

Its all about timing. Most of the shots were just ripples but after a while I could guess the time properly and got a good number of splashy shots. Quick tip… clear your camera and equipment away before sloshing a roasting tray around the kitchen!

I set all the shots to black and white as I felt they were better than in colour, added sharpness where needed, cloned a few splashes out and added clarity.

Click here to see the shots but below is the one I think is the winner.



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