You spin me right round baby right round…

Last post I mentioned I had bought a couple of L shaped brackets. I took one of them out for a panoramic test run.

Using my Canon 550d and the 18-55 kit lens I headed for some nearby woodlands. No one was around so I trudged my way through the undergrowth and found myself in a remote area. Setting up the tripod for the first time using the new L bracket. Normally the camera would sit on the tripod plate but this was attached to the L bracket. The camera was turned 90 degrees and attached to the bracket.

Immediately I noticed the orientation would either cover the SD Card door or the door for the remote switch. Thinking the remote switch would be better i flipped the camera over and added the remote switch.

I lined up the camera with a group of trees in the distance, focused on the grass in front of me set the aperture to f22 for a long depth of field and started to take shots.


Completed 360 degree shots.

Packing up and catching the bus home I loaded each shot in to Lightroom and set the Lens correction for the 18-55. This helps Photoshop to stitch the photos together.


As a quick and simple test, this worked out very well. The brackets do not take up a lot of space in the slingshot so I will be taking them with me from now on. Might find a couple of locations along the Thames to try out.

As an after thought, my tripod has a pan and tilt head so it tended to move up and down slightly. No that it really matters for the stitching but I might get a spirit level attachment for the hot shoe next time.



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  1. This all sounds very complicated Jon. but the end result is great ! You have inspired Julie, she is really enthusiastic. I’m looking forward to taking photos with her next week. We will have to find some interesting places.Diane

    Date: Fri, 9 Aug 2013 12:41:38 +0000 To:

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