If you go down to the woods today…

Well I did.. I walked around High Elms Country Park for about three hours on Saturday. Walking along side a golf course, trudging up hills, walking along forest paths… and more forest paths…

Nice place to walk around if you like destroying shoes. I had a map of local interesting areas along the route, an old well which I couldn’t get into, electricity pylons you could walk up to and touch, a rather rubbish duck pond and there were nettles growing everywhere.

After a couple of hours, I stopped to consult the map. I felt a little lost and the map seemed to think so too. I walked down towards what I thought was a farm residence. An old man walked past me and said hello, I responded in kind and continued down the path. It was not the farm I thought it was and walked back up the hill.

For an old gentleman he had managed to walk a fair distance from my position and was about to walk out of view when I was struck by an idea. Quickly raising the camera which had the 50-250mm on board, I zoomed in, locked focus on his retreating head and fired off a few shots.

Old man + spooky woods = slasher movie poster. That’s how my brain works.

So this afternoon I loaded the image into Lightroom and found it was too bright to begin with. I lowered the exposure a little and darkened the shadows to give a more ‘horror’ look rather than give the impression that it was more of a ‘cheerful place to bring the family’. I used Lightroom 5’s Radial Adjustment tool and surrounded the figure of the old man and some of the leaves in the area then lowered the shadows again and also dropped the clarity and sharpness to give a slightly blurred feel.

Dropping that into Photoshop I copied that main layer again and applied the Radial Zoom to the top layer. I then masked out the same area where Lightroom Radial Adjustment tool had been. This would create lines to draw the eye towards the central figure.

A quick Google search of ‘movie poster template psd free’ took me to http://www.freepostertemplates.co.uk/ where I downloaded the Movie Poster template. Changing the wording to suit the style of the image, added the tag line of ‘This is no teddys bears picnic’ to the top and thought up some interesting blurb to the fill out the base.

Not bad for a first attempt.


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