2013 – Yearly Round Up – March

phalicMarch turned out to be London and chucking things around bathrooms.

London first… specifically Westminster. Every one take a shot of Big Ben. So I thought I would to. Most shots I have seen are from across Westminster bridge so I decided to take one from a little closer. Its a bit of mad shot taken from ground level but it makes a change from the usual tourist snap.

I noticed some people around me were also pointing cameras up after mine. Either to take a similar shot or to figure out what I was doing.

The honorable mention shot came about by me chucking stuff around in the bathroom. I filled up the basin with water half way and found an apple to use as a ‘thing to chuck’. I used the 50mm f1.8 to capture this and only took a single shot… as the resulting splash threw water all over the bathroom floor.


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