2013 – Yearly Round Up – April

April 1April was a time for wandering around London taking shots of people on the streets. I mean they were walking about on the streets, I didn’t knock them down with my backpack first then take a shot of them on the floor… this time.

This was my first attempt at street photography. How would I do it? Go up to people and ask? Ask after the shot? No… no I just took the shot and walked away. Being my first attempt I had no idea how people would react to having their photo taken. I would think if asked then they would pose and I would loose the spontaneous ‘street’ value of the shot.

This Scottish fella, (I assume was Scottish due to the fact he was dressed Scottish, sounded Scottish and could play the bag pipes really well) was performing near Nelson Column and I managed to snap this shot of him. He is either giving someone a thumbs up or in the middle of the socially accepted hand gesture of ‘on ya bike’.

April 2 This shot was taken as a panoramic originally on the banks of the Gallions Point Marina in East London. The effect is called a small world and uses the polar coordinates filter in Photoshop to achieve. I should do more of these as they come out very well.


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